High Frame Bridge Style Cutting Table

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High Frame Bridge Style Cutting Table

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Waterjet cutting machines can cut almost any materials. Pure water jets can quickly and accurately cut soft materials such as rubber, foam and other gasket material. Abrasive water jets can cut almost any other material over a very wide range of thickness:

Waterjet CNC cutting machines are the most flexible and cost-effective cutting machines available. As a cold-cutting process that eliminates slag deformation and dross wast--unfortunate effects found in plasma and laser cutting process. Moreover APW Europe waterjet cutting machines enable you to cut a variety of applications with ease. Whatever the shape, dimension or material, our easy-to-use software makes the job easy.

Technical Specifications

Structure: Bridge Style

Control System: CNC (Professional Waterjet Control System)

Way of Drive: AC Servo System

Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz


Working Temp. 59℉ (15℃)~ 86℉(30℃)

Storage Temp. 36℉(2℃)~104℉ (40℃)

Load Capacity: 500kg/m² 

System Parameters

Control Accuracy: 0.01mm                      


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