APW Europe CNC Marble Waterjet Cutting Machine

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APW Europe CNC marble cutting machine can cut almost any material. Pure water jets can quickly and accurately cut soft materials such as rubber, foam and other gasket material. Abrasive water jets can cut almost any other material over a very wide range of thickness:

Shipping in 1x20 GP/LCL Container.

OEM & ODM Service – Yes.

Production Time approx. <60 days.

Color APW blue/crème white ( OEM-RAL color code) or stainless steel.

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CNC Waterjet Cutting

Horizontal Bridge Style 3020BA

Cutting Table : Horizontal
Max water discharge : 3.7L/min
X and Y axis Travel : 3000mm × 2000mm
Z-axis Travel : 150mm
Control accuracy :± 0.01mm
Cutting accuracy : ±0.1mm
Servo motor specification (ZxYxX): 0.75, 1.0, 1.5KW
X-axis and Y-axis Max. moving speed : 6000mm/min
Z- axis Max. moving speed : 1000mm/min
Cutting Head : 3-Axis (opt. 4 or 5 Axis)

APW 3020BA waterjet cutting machine HOT
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A12 Intensifier Pump


Max discharge of SERVO oil pump : 90L/min
Max water discharge : 3.7L/min
Max available orifice diameter : 0.33mm
Max pressure : 410Mpa (4100 bar)
Continuous working pressure : 360 ~ 380MPa
Main motor power : 37KW(50HP)
Power supply : 380V/50HZ/3PH
Max. oil pressure : 20Mpa
Length/width/height mm : 1745/1045/1350
Weight : 1200kg


Specification HP Pump

Intensifier : A&V(made in USA)

Main Motor : Siemens,
Hydraulic Pump : Rexroth servo hydraulic pump
PLC : Omron
Heat Exchanger : Water/Oil panel cooler
Control System : LP/HP auto control
Temperature Display : Digital Temperature Display
Shock Absorber : Four corners of the motor
Directional Valve : Taiwan YUKEN
Accumulator Volume : 1.2L
Low Pressure Filter : 10um
Cutting Water Inlet Pressure : 0.3Mpa
Cooling Water Inlet Pressure : 0.3Mpa
High Pressure Outlet Connections : M16 x1.5
Oil level and oil temperature sensor : Standard Components



Best for Waterjet Cutting

Aluminum, Aluminum Extrusion, Brass, Carbon Composite, Cardboard, Ceramic, , Closed Cell Foam, Concrete/Cement, Copper, Cork, Delrin, Fiberglass, Foam, Foam Core, Gator Foam, Glass, Granite, Kevlar, Leather


Cost Effective

Adding Value to your industry

Compared to other cutting methods, waterjet cutting is recognized as a very cost effective technology for most application areas. If you want to know more about how waterjet cutting can add value to your business, please contact us for more information.



Green Technology

Waterjet cutting is seen as a "green" technology as it produces no hazardous waste at the same time as the cost for waste disposal is reduced to a minimum.

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